Ikigai Book PDF | Ikigai Book English PDF Download

Ikigai Book PDF | Ikigai Book English PDF Download

Ikigai book is a Japanese concept Ikigai Book English PDF Download This book is written by two authors named Hector Garcia and Francaise Miralles. You can download Ikigai Book English PDF as well as Read Ikigai from this website

Ikigai Book Review in English

Did you know that on the Japanese island of Okinawa, people live an average of 100 years in good health? This is attributed to the concept of Ikigai, which means “The Reason for Being” or “The Purpose of Life.” When individuals align their actions and goals with their Ikigai, they experience a sense of fulfillment and joy that can lead to a longer, healthier life. Don’t forget to find your own Ikigai and pursue it to live a life of purpose and meaning.

The concept of Ikigai can be used by anyone in the world to discover their purpose in life, and by incorporating it into their daily routine, they can lead a more fulfilling life. Making decisions based on careful consideration is necessary for achieving self-sufficiency. It’s important to realize that thoughts become words, words become actions, actions become habits, habits shape character, and character determines destiny. The Ikigai book can help you strengthen your thoughts and accomplish much more. You can download the Ikigai Book PDF for free from this website.

Ikigai Book in English

Book Name:Ikigai
PDF Name:Ikigai English PDF
Written By:Hector Garcia, Francesc Miralles
Free PDF Link:Available

Ikigai Book English Review

It is extremely important for a person to know what work they should do to become self-sufficient. When seeking advice, one may hear to do the work that pays more, someone may suggest doing what you like, and another may say to do the work that the world needs. Such advice is completely wrong and can lead a person to confusion. But to figure out which work you should do, you need to understand it as an economist, which you can understand from this Ikigai diagram.

Ikigai Diagram
Ikigai Diagram

The Ikigai diagram is a straightforward tool for understanding what work you should do. The first circle represents the work you’re passionate about, the second circle represents the work that matches your skills and creativity, the third circle shows the work that can bring you financial stability, and the fourth circle shows the work that is needed by the world or has a significant impact. By finding the intersection of these circles, you can identify the work that aligns with your interests, skills, financial goals, and societal impact.

  • Passion is divided by meeting the first and second circle, that is, the work you like and you do it very well, then it is your passion and passion is created by doing it with passion and burning desire in any work To quote a person loves to know about video editing and doing video editing and he is very good at it, then it becomes his passion.
  • Combining the second and third goals creates a profession, meaning a task that earns you money and that you excel at, utilizing your skills. Therefore, if you have a job that provides financial stability and you perform it skillfully, then it is your profession. For instance, if someone starts a company and begins earning a substantial income through it
  • The combination of the third and fourth goals forms a business, meaning a task that is in demand by the world and earns you money in return. So, if you have a job that fulfills a particular need and pays you for it, then it is your business.
  • Combining the fourth and first creates a purpose, meaning a task that you enjoy doing and that fulfills a particular need in the world. For example, if someone fulfills a specific need in the world by doing what they love, then that becomes their purpose.

By bringing together these different goals, you can discover your Ikigai – a reason for being, a sense of purpose and fulfillment that arises from balancing all the different aspects of your life. Your Ikigai is where your passion, your skills, the world’s needs, and financial compensation intersect. Discovering your Ikigai can lead to a more fulfilling and meaningful life.

Ikigai Book English PDF Download


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